Our world with its continents and regions will amaze you

Our World
Planet Earth:

4,6 milliard of years

Revolution movement
(Orbital Period):
365 days and 6 hours

Rotation movement
(Rotation period):
23 hours and 56 minutes

Medium temperature of
the earth:

14º C

The lowest temperature of
the earth:

-89º C

The highest temperature of
the earth:

58º C

510.066.000 km²

Dry land:
148.939.000 km²

361.127.000 km²

Equator diameter:
12.756 km

Poles diameter:
12.714 km

Equator circumference:
40.066 km

Poles circumference:
39.992 km


166.240.000 km²
82.400.000 km²
73.556.000 km²
14.056.000 km²

The largest seas:

Philippine Sea:
5.177.762 km²
Coral Sea:
4.791.000 km²
Arabian Sea:
3.862.000 km²
South China Sea:
3.500.000 km²
Weddell Sea:
2.800.000 km²
Caribbean Sea:
2.754.000 km²
Mediterranean Sea:
2.500.000 km²
Tasman Sea:
2.330.000 km²
Bering Sea:
2.291.900 km²
Gulf of Bengal:
2.172.000 km²

The largest lakes:

Caspian Sea (considered lake):
371.800 km²
Superior Lake:
82.100 km²
Victoria Lake:
69.000 km²
Huron Lake:
59.600 km²
Michigan Lake:
57.800 km²
Tanganyika Lake:
32.900 km²
Bears Lake:
31.500 km²
Baikal Lake:
30.500 km²
Malawi Lake:
30.000 km²
Slaves Lake:
28.500 km²

The largest countries of the world:

17.075.400 km²
9.970.600 km²
9.800.000 km²
9.650.238 km²
8.516.000 km²
7.682.000 km²
3.287.263 km²
2.780.000 km²
2.717.300 km²
2.381.741 km²

The most populated countries
in the world:

1.360.000.000 people
India: people
313.000.000 people
238.500.000 people
194.000.000 people
182.000.000 people
172.500.000 people
150.000.000 people
145.000.000 people
128.000.000 people

The longest rivers in the world:

6.671 km
6.448 km
Chang Jiang (Yangtze):
6.300 km
6.020 km
5.540 km
Huang He:
5.464 km
5.409 km
Parana-Rio de la Plata:
4.880 km
4.700 km
4.444 km

The highest waterfalls in the world:

Angel (Venezuela):
979 m
Tugela (South Africa):
947 m
Utigard (Norway):
800 m
Mongefossen (Norway):
774 m
Mutarazi (Zimbabwe):
762 m
Yosemite (U.S.A.):
739 m
Espelandsfoss (Norway):
703 m
Ostre Mardolafoss (Norway):
656 m
Tyssestregane (Norway):
646 m
Cuquenan (Venezuela):
580 m

planiglob world



Continents and regions of the world and the order by surface and by population:

The 7 continents that compound the whole world are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. To be easier, we split the two Americas in 4 parts named: Central America, North America, South America and Caribbean representing the islands between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, respective we split Asia in 2 parts named: Asia and the Middle East. Thereby, we obtained 10 continents or regions, treated individually in the pages of this website. As about surface, the continents order is: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Central America and Caribbean. As about population, the continents order is: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Central America, Caribbean, Oceania and Antarctica.

Transfăgărăşan Road through Southern Carpathians, Romania, WorldTransfăgărăşan Road through Southern Carpathians, Romania

Climate in the World Continents:

World clime varies very much regionally, altitudinally, based on the distance to the seas and oceans and based on the position of a certain territory to the equator and to the two poles. The polar and sub polar climate is met in Antarctica, Siberia (Russia), the north part of Scandinavia, Greenland and the central and north parts of Canada with temperatures below 0º C during the year, where snow and ice predominate. The mountainous climate is met in the world’s largest and highest mountain chains where most of the times register high levels of precipitations. These mountain chains are: Himalaya Mountains in Asia, Alps Mountains in Europe, Rocky Mountains in North America, Andes Mountains in South America and Ruwenzori-Kilimanjaro Mountains in Africa.


The continental climate is met where the distance to seas and oceans is big. It exists in the central and north parts of U.S.A., in the east part of Europe and in the south part of Russia. It is good to know that here temperature differences between summer and winter are very big. The temperate climate is met in the largest part of Europe, in New Zealand, Chile and the south part of South America and in the west part of Canada, where 4 seasons can be well differed. The tropical and sub tropical climate are frequently met in the world, in the south part of North America, in Central America, in Caribbean region, in the most part of South America, in central and south Africa, in south and south-east of Asia and in the most part of Oceania. The alternation of two seasons, rainy and dry, a high rainfall, constant temperatures of over 24-26º C all year round, lush vegetation and fauna and a high humidity are the main characteristics.

The prairie climate is met in many areas of the world from the central part of North America and the central and south parts of Africa, to the west and central parts of Asia, a good part of Europe and a part of Australia. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) There are areas represented by grass vegetation and wide plains with a semidry climate. The savanna climate is met in many parts of Africa and has high temperatures, low rainfall, most of it in the rainy season and a low vegetation. The dry and semidry climate are met in the world‘s largest deserts where temperatures are very high often passing 40-50º C and rainfall is low most of the times not exceeding 250 mm per year. Among these deserts we remember: Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert in Africa, Gobi Desert, Arabian Desert in Asia and the Middle East, Victoria Desert in Australia, Atacama Desert in Chile and Sonora Desert in North America.

The Sphinx natural wonder of Bucegi Mountains, RomaniaThe Sphinx natural wonder of Bucegi Mountains, Romania

Interesting information and aspects of our world continents or regions:

Let’s see together some interesting information and aspects about our world continents or regions. The highest mountain chain is represented by Himalaya Mountains with Everest peak of 8.848 m height as the world’s highest. The longest mountain chain is represented by Andes Mountains which are extended from north to south in South America on a distance of approximately 7.400 km. The largest archipelago in the world with more than 16.000 islands is Indonesia and the largest island is Greenland with 2.170.000 km². Mariana Trench represents the world’s deepest point situated in the Pacific Ocean and has a depth of 11.033 m under the sea level.

The Grand Canyon, one of the largest natural wonders of the world has a length of 446 km. The Nile is the world’s longest river with 6.671 km and the Amazon has the highest debit and forms the world’s largest jungle. Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world situated in Africa and has a surface of approximately 9.100.000 km². In the last decades many countries were born through the unification or dissipation of the nations. As examples we mention the partition of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia in the 90s of the last century, the partition of Sudan at the beginning of this century or the unification of Yemen and Germany also last century.

Yellowstone National Park in U.S.A.Yellowstone National Park in U.S.A.

The longest border between two countries is between the United States of America and Canada with a length of 8.893 km. Approximately the 5th part of the world’s countries don’t have opening to any ocean or sea and Oceania has the largest country surrounded by oceans, Australia, respective the smallest country surrounded by ocean, Nauru. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) Although the earth has a huge surface, the world is really small. All that matters is to propose yourself something, to really want to realize that thing and then to make all the possible to be successful. Nothing is impossible, all that it counts is your wish, to be ambitious and you’ll see that you can have the world at your feet. Try and you’ll have success!

Travelling is maybe, one of the most beautiful activities someone can do, the surrounding world is a gift for us, something special, unique and for sure, everywhere you go, on every continent, country, city or village, you’ll find something very particular, something unique that will impress you. We’re sure that every one of you has a small part which loves to travel. Just take care and travel safe. We wish you good luck in everything you do and everywhere you go in the world continents and if you want to exchange pictures and impressions with us, don’t hesitate to do it!

Hampton Court Palace in Greater London, United KingdomHampton Court Palace in Greater London, United Kingdom

Our world with its continents and regions will amaze you
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