In Vrancea County you can find Natural Parks and Reservations

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Vrancea County is situated in Muntenia-Moldova region from Romania, in the east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Covasna in west, Buzau in south, Braila in south-east, Galati in east, Vaslui in north-east and Bacau in north.


4.857 km²


321.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Focsani City 71.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0237 or 0337




Adjud, Mărăşeşti, Panciu, Odobeşti

Main roads:

E85 (DN2) Bacău-Adjud-Mărăşeşti-Focşani-Buzău

DN2m Focşani-Odobeşti

DN23 Focşani-Brăila

DN2d Focşani-Târgu Secuiesc

DN2l Mărăşeşti-Panciu-Lepşa

DN11a Oneşti-Adjud-Bârlad

Vrancea county Map

Vrancea County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Vrancea County:

Vrancea County has a relief composed by mountains in the west part (Vrancei Mountains), Curvature Sub Carpathians are in the central part and Moldova’s Plain and Siretului Meadow (Inferior’s Siret Plain) are in the east part. Most of the territory has a height between 100 and 800 meters, but the maximum altitude is in Lăcăuți peak of 1.777 meters height. Vrancea County‘s climate is temperate-continental and varies a lot depending the elevation. In the mountain area the annual average of the temperature is  4-6º C while on the plain is 9-10º C with hot summers and cold winters. The main rivers with their tributaries are Siret, Trotus, Ramnicu Sarat and Putna Rivers and the largest lakes are Calimanesti, Negru (Black), Verde (Green) or Mandresti Lakes.

Flora and fauna, tourist objectives and attractions from Vrancea County:

Due to the complexity of the relief forms, flora and all the forest types are present here from deciduous forests (beech, oak, poplar, ash, elm or holm) till the coniferous ones (fir, spruce, pine). Fauna is also various from rodents, woodpeckers, partridges, squirrels, foxes, martens, wild boars and other prairie animals till brown bears, lynxes, wolves, wild cats, deer, roe deer and other animals specific to the mountain area. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist objectives and attractions from Vrancea County are Focsani City with its parks and museums, Muntele Furu Natural Reservation, Tisitei Keys Natural Reservation, Cozia’s Keys Natural Reservation and other natural reservations, Focul Viu (the Alive Fire) from Andreiasu de Jos (Lower Andreiasu) Protected Reservation, Putna’s Waterfall, Siret’s Meadow, Negru (Black) Lake, the vine plantations well known in Europe, Lepsa and Straoane Monasteries and many others. Visit Vrancea County!

Heroes Mausoleum from Marasesti, Vrancea CountyHeroes Mausoleum from Marasesti, Vrancea County

stema focsani Focsani City

In Vrancea County you can find Natural Parks and Reservations
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In Vrancea County you can find Natural Parks and Reservations
In Vrancea County tourists can discover the last virgin forests of Europe where fauna and flora are abundant or can go hiking in the Natural Parks
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In Vrancea County you can find Natural Parks and Reservations
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