Vaslui County is known for its grape vines and orchards

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Vaslui County

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Vaslui County is situated in Moldova region from Romania, in the east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Iasi in north, Neamt in north-west, Bacau and Vrancea in west, Galati in south and Moldova Republic is in east.


5.318 km²


373.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Vaslui City 48.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0235 or 0335


Vaslui, Bârlad, Huşi


Negreşti, Murgeni

Main roads:

E581 (DN24) Tişiţa-Bârlad-Huşi-Moldova Republic

DN24 Bârlad-Vaslui-Iaşi

DN2f Bacău-Vaslui

DN15d Roman-Negreşti-Vaslui

DN24a Huşi-Murgeni-Bârlad

DN11a Bârlad-Adjud

Vaslui county Map

Vaslui County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Vaslui County:

Vaslui County has a relief of hills and plateaus with relative low altitudes which don’t exceed 400-500 m height. The largest  part of the territory is covered by Moldova’s Plateau with its subdivisions: Tutovei Hills and Bârlad’s Plateau. Vaslui‘s climate is temperate-continental, with warm summers and cold winters when predominate the cold winds from Siberia. When the temperatures frequently exceed 30º C, drought often appears, due also to the low rainfall which is a problem in here and is resolved through irrigation. The main rivers with their tributaries are Barlad and Prut Rivers and the most important lakes are Tacuta, Solesti, Urdesti, Manjesti or Puscasi Lakes.

Flora and fauna, agriculture and tourist objectives and attractions from Vaslui County:

As about the low elevation, predominant are the deciduous forests composed by oak, holm, beech, maple, elm, ash or the water loving forests like willow or poplar. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The fish fauna is the richest and frequently are organized sport fishing competitions in the county. On Vaslui territory people work in agriculture and cultivate vines and fruit trees (orchards) intensively. The most important tourist objectives and attractions from Vaslui County are: Vaslui City, the county’s museums (Village Museum, County Museum, Vineyard Museum and many others), the lakes for fishing, the Forest Reservations, the Zoological Garden from Barlad, the memorial houses of important Romanian writers and poets and many others. Visit Vaslui County!

Traditional House from Vaslui County

Traditional House from Vaslui County

stema vaslui municipiu Vaslui City

Vaslui County is known for its grape vines and orchards
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Vaslui County is known for its grape vines and orchards
Vaslui County situated in east Romania is famous for its wines and fruits. Tourists can visit Vaslui City with its museums or they can go fishing or hunting
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Vaslui County is known for its grape vines and orchards
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