Come in Satu Mare County to treat your health problems

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Satu Mare County

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Satu Mare County is situated in Crișana-Maramures region from Romania, in the north-west part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Bihor in south, Sălaj and Maramureș in east, in north is Ukraine and in west is Hungary.


4.418 km²


327.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Satu Mare City 93.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0261 or 0361


Satu Mare, Carei


Ardud, Livada, Negreşti-Oaş, Tăşnad

Main roads:

E671(DN19) Satu Mare-Carei-Oradea

E81(DN19a) Satu Mare-Ardud-Zalău

E58(DN1c) Hungary-Baia Mare

DN19, Satu Mare-E58-Negreşti Oaş-Sighetu Marmaţiei

DN1f Hungary-Carei-Tăşnad-Supuru de Sus

Satu Mare county Map

Satu Mare County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes of Satu Mare County:

Satu Mare County has a relief mainly composed from plains (the Western Plain, Somesului Plain and Meadow), but the rest is occupied by hills (the Western Hills and Crasnei Hills) and by mountains in the north part (Oasului and Ignis Mountains). The highest altitude is Ignis peak of 1.307 meters height. Satu Mare‘s climate is temperate-continental with hot summers and mild winters. The annual average of the temperature is between 10 and 12º C. The highest temperatures can get to 35-40º C and the lowest to -10 till -20º C. The rainfall varies with the altitude between 700 and 1.200 mm per year. The main rivers are Crasna, Somes and Tur with their tributaries and the most important lake is Calinesti Lake.

Fauna and flora, tourist attractions and objectives from Satu Mare County:

The fauna and flora from Satu Mare County are mixed typical to the plain and mountain areas. Here prevails the mix of deciduous forests with the coniferous ones and the extensive meadows in the low areas of the plain. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist attractions and objectives from Satu Mare County are the relaxation and treatment resorts from Baile (Baths) Puturoasa, Baile (Baths) Valea Mariei and Baile (Baths) Bixad, Satu Mare City, the museums from the county, the citadels with their ruins from Satu Mare, Ardud and Carei, Tara (Country) Oasului with the specific port and architecture and the ethnographic museum from Negresti-Oas, the Hungarian castles from the county, Bixad, New Scarisoara and Teghea monasteries and many others. Visit Satu Mare County!

Teghea Monastery from Satu Mare County

Teghea Monastery from Satu Mare County

stema satu mare municipiu Satu Mare City

Come in Satu Mare County to treat your health problems
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Come in Satu Mare County to treat your health problems
Satu Mare County is popular and unique and will amaze visitors with traditional activities and folk costumes, castles and citadels or beautiful monasteries
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Come in Satu Mare County to treat your health problems
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