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Privacy Policy


In our privacy policy you will find important information about how we collect, how we use, how we store, why we collect and what we do with your personal information because we all know how important is everyone’s privacy. We want that everyone to be happy and to fully use and understand our website and our services and offers. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and by using our website you agree and accept it.

  1. What private information do we collect

First of all not personal information will be collected from you unless you provide it to us. Generally, blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com is a website free to use by anyone who loves to travel, by anyone who shares a passion for travelling, tourism, geography, meeting new people, visiting new places, cultures and destinations and more. But, even like this sometimes for us is important to have basic information about you. Usually the information that we need is part obligatory such as first name, last name and e-mail address and other part is optionally such as address, phone number, date of birth, country or gender. Depending on the situation there can be cases where some of the optionally information can become obligatory.

  1. How do we collect your private information

Most of the information that we collect from you will be through our weekly newsletter, but we can also collect information such as name or e-mail address through the comments you post at our articles present throughout this website.

  1. Why do we collect and how we use your private information

Your private details are collected and used by us to provide you with the best customer service, with the best experience, the best travel and tourism information to help you better organize your holidays/journeys. We also collect and use them to have a better and closer connection with you, to have a friendlier approach, to better respond to your queries and manage your suggestions, remarks or complaints in a professional manner. We also collect and use your personal details to keep you informed and updated regarding our activity (travel news, new and unique destinations, competitions, surveys or different events that can be organized by us), for keeping our internal record and for improving our services and information. Regarding our newsletter, the main reason in collecting and using your personal information (name, language, e-mail address, date of birth, country, gender) is to personalize your newsletter.

  1. Why is important for us your personal information

Because it will ease our job when we need to refer to you on person, when we want to send you promotional offers, latest news and articles, when we need to manage any competition and give prizes, when we need to organize our newsletter lists and separate people in groups. If the country or age is provided is also important because we could send from time to time articles specifically for that country or group of age.

  1. Privacy Policy Security

We are committed to ensure that all your personal information is secure. You confirm that all the personal information you have provided to us is accurate and true. We remind you that all your personal information provided to us will be kept confidential and will not be transmitted to any other parts. We will not sell any of your personal information to anyone. If you do not want your information to be stored in our data base please stop using our newsletter and website.

  1. Cookies Policy
    a.What is a cookie, what they do and what is a browser?

A cookie is a simple text file or a small amount of data that is stored on your computer hard drive or on your mobile or tablet device whenever you enter our website and you accept our Cookies and Privacy Policy. This information is accessed by our blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com server when navigating through your browser. Nowadays, you will see that most of the websites on the internet are using cookies just because they don’t do harm, but helps a lot website owners with different things in keeping their websites to high levels like improving a user experience or remembering some details from the first visit. Cookies are of different types and can do different things. They can track website visitors, remember their settings for everyday use, they can store users preferences, but generally they are there to improve the user experience on that particular website. These cookies will store some information like digits, numbers, our site name and our partners site names using cookies on our website and a unique identifier, all these just to recognize the user every time it comes to our website and to give you the best experience without any errors. Also, cookies can be of two types. They are First Party Cookies that are created by the website you visit (we do not have our own First Party Cookies) or in many cases will be Third Party Cookies created by the partners of the website you visit who run different content on that particular page. Cookies can be also stored temporarily during a single session and after will be permanently deleted like the Session Cookies, they can be stored on your personal computer or device for a longer period (a year or more and is usually about remembering your activity on the website) like the Persistent Cookies or they can be Flash Cookies used by Adobe Flash Player and by the websites who use their services. A browser is an application like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox which helps you navigate on the internet and they have easy ways to delete personal information and cookies. These cookies can be changed or deleted by setting your own browser settings, but if you decide to delete them or to opt-out from our cookies we do not guarantee you with the best user experience and our website might not run properly.
        b. How do we use cookies?

Most cookies we use are helping us to recognize your activity on our website, so that you or the browser doesn’t need to set up your preferences every time you come on our website, but the server and cookies will recognize you from the first visit. We use cookies to remember you and your preferences any time you are using our website and its services. We also use cookies from Third Party Companies (see below) to help you navigate easier throughout blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com and to enable some widgets and other features we use. But generally, the most important cookies we use, will help us to improve the performance of our website and provide you with the best user experience and they will help us personalize the newsletters, better organize the website and the information it contains so that we can post only the type of articles most our readers are interested in. On the other hand we use tracking cookies.
     c. What cookies we use on our website and who are our main partners that set Third Party Cookies on www.blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com

The most important cookies we use are the Tracking Cookies provided by our main partner Google who helps us a lot in improving our website image and services. The cookies they set-up are through Google Analytics service which help us to analyse how our users use this website. This service will provide us with statistical information which remains anonymous, with the IP address from which the website was accessed, the country, region or city the user is coming from and all these to help us see how many page views we have, how many users and which are the regions and countries most of them are coming from and the browsers our visitors are using most frequently to navigate on the site. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google which utilizes the data collected for tracking and examination purposes when a visitor uses www.blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com. With its help we can see the reports made by Google and the activities of a user which can be used and shared by other Google Services. These cookies are processed in USA and help to personalize our website and the advertisements. All cookies from Google that we store once you accept them, will not be passed to other Google services other than the ones we use. You can read more about Google’s Privacy Policy Here.


You must know that you can stop any cookies by setting up your browser preferences or regarding to Google you can stop the cookies and the information they store simply by downloading and installing a very useful tool called Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on which you can find at http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Besides Google, our main cookie partner, we also use some very important widgets, plugins and services for us which are provided by different other partners who can store their own cookies on your personal device. You will find a weather widget to help you see the daily weather forecast in different locations provided by www.accuweather.com, a sharing social media buttons widget to help you share our articles at your wish on different platforms which is provided by www.sharethis.com, you will find other social media buttons to like or follow us on different social platforms provided by different social plugins, a 5 star rating widget to help you rate our articles and this one is provided by www.rating-widget.com, but you will also find a comment box at the end of every article we publish in order to help you leave your comments in regards with that specific page and its content. The last one is provided by www.disqus.com.

Also we have other partners which help us improve the user experience by using their services, widgets or plugins on the main pages of www.blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com. There you will find a Calendar provided by Google, links to social platforms to help you share, like or follow us and our activity, another tracking service provided by www.alexa.com and one provided by www.flagcounter.com, with the last two being visible to all people comparing with the Google Analytics Tracking service. There are also a currency converter widget provided by www.exchangeratewidget.com to help you quickly convert your money into the destination country of your holiday, a currency exchange table widget provided by www.exchangerates.org.uk to help you see daily modifications in currencies and their values comparative with others, a petrol prices widget provided by www.globalpetrolprices.com to help you check daily or weekly the prices for gas/petrol and diesel in certain countries where you might travel for holiday or business reasons (unfortunately there is information from only 99 countries provided) and you can find a radio widget provided by www.100widgets.com which gives you the opportunity to listen to lots of national radio services depending on your preferred country or style.

All these partners can set-up and store their own cookies at any time on our website due to our partnership, but we opted for all these widgets and services just because we want to give you the best user experience and to help you organize your holidays and lifetime journeys in the best and quickest possible way. This website will not share your personal information and will not pass on any cookies to any third party companies except the ones that we use mentioned above.

By using our website and its services you accept to give us some personal information and you accept cookies to be stored temporarily or persistently on your personal computer or device. Without accepting the cookies that we use or by modifying these in any way, the website www.blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com might not work properly for you.

  1. Newsletter and comments

By subscribing to our newsletter you provide us with some information that is very important especially the essential information to be filled in order to provide you with the best possible personalized newsletters. That information will be kept confidential and it will only be used by us. On another hand you have the option to comment on our articles. Although we ask for a name there and e-mail address, it is not necessary to put your real name if you don’t want to. When commenting you can use a nickname, username or another name related to you but other than your real name if you don’t want this one to be displayed there. It is important to know that when you leave a comment your name that you used will be visible to anyone reading that article and its comments. So it is totally your responsibility if you want or not your name to appear in the comment.

  1. Privacy Policy for under 13

Worldlifetimejourneys.com is a free travel and tourism website that anyone can use for his/her own information regardless the age. However, when subscribing to our newsletter and in other circumstances we ask you to fill some personal information. For children under 13 we ask their parents consent in using our website and subscribing to our newsletter. And because we cannot control the age of every person who subscribes, we cannot be liable of this. If you are under 13 and you don’t have your parents consent please stop using this website. However, we again guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information which will not be used by anyone else than blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com team for the reasons stated above.

  1. Modification/Changes

You must understand that from time to time whenever we need or consider to do it, this blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com Privacy Policy can be modified in any way and updated on the website. We will try to inform you about massive changes in our policy, but it is your responsibility to check it. If you don’t agree with it, please stop using our website services to submit your personal information. Please check and read carefully this Privacy Policy from time to time for any changes that might appear. We might add or remove words or sections. By continuing to give us your personal information, you agree and accept this Privacy Policy document. This Privacy Policy was last updated at 4 April 2016.

  1. Links to other websites

Our website blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com contains links to other websites related to the articles and attractions that are present here. We created these links to be easier for you to access more information about these. However, once you clicked these links and left our website, we do not have any control over those other websites, so we cannot be responsible of what information they provide and how accurate that is. Also, we cannot be responsible or liable for any comments or private information that you leave or provide on those websites which are totally outside of this privacy policy. For a better understanding of what those external websites involve please refer to their Privacy Policy.

  1. Questions, remarks, suggestions or complaints about our Privacy Policy

We remind you that blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com is a free website and we did our best in order to provide you with the best T & C and the best Privacy Policy. However you might have any questions, suggestions, remarks or complaints or maybe you want to become our partner. Please feel free to write us at contact@blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com.

  1. End of use/Unsubscribe

We kindly inform you that in case you want to stop us in using your personal information or in keeping your record, you can always write us or unsubscribe from our newsletter and services. Also it is important to know that at the termination of the “contract/subscription” all your personal information will be deleted and it won’t be used anymore.

We can assure you and promise you that we will not sell or share any of your personal information to any other person or third part company. Also, your e-mail will not be used for an unsolicited mail, but only for our own use when we provide the website services to you. All the e-mails that you will receive from us will be regarding our activity, our articles, journeys, experiences and everything related to blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com.

This Privacy Policy was last updated at 4 April 2016


Privacy Policy
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