In Neamt County you can find one of the largest lakes in Romania

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Neamt County

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Neamt County is situated in Moldova region from Romania, in the north-east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Suceava and Iasi in north, Vaslui in east, Bacau in south and Harghita in west.


5.896 km²


451.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Piatra Neamt City 76.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0233 or 0333


Piatra Neamţ, Roman


Bicaz, Roznov, Târgu Neamţ

Main roads:

E85(DN2) Suceava-Roman-Bacău

DN12c Piatra Neamţ-Bicaz-Gheorgheni

DN15c Piatra Neamţ-Târgu Neamţ

DN15b Paşcani-Târgu Neamţ-Poiana Largului

DN15 Topliţa-Târgu Neamţ-Piatra Neamţ-Roznov-Bacău

Neamt county Map

Neamt County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Neamt County:

Neamt County has a predominantly mountain and plateau relief with Hasmas, Ceahlau, Tarcaului, Stanisoarei and Gosman Mountains in west and south of the county, the center being dominated by the Moldavian Sub Carpathians and in the east part are Moldovei Plateau and Siretului Meadow. The highest altitude is in Ocolasu Mare (Great) peak of 1.907 meters high. Neamt‘s climate is temperate-continental which vary depending the elevation. The temperature increases from west to east  and the annual average is 9-10° C. Despite its  elevation, the rainfall is relatively low of 600-700 mm per year. The longest rivers from Neamt are Siret, Bistrita, Moldova, Cracau and Ozana Rivers. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The main lake and one of the longest lakes from Romania is Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain’s Spring) Lake.

Fauna and flora, tourist attractions and objectives from Neamt County:

Neamt County‘s fauna and flora are various and rich in species with deciduous forests (elm, ash, holm, beech, oak) mixed with those of conifers (spruce, fir, pin) in most parts of the county and the animals are specific to the mountain and plateau area. The most important tourist attractions and objectives from Neamt County are Ceahlau Mountains National Park, Bicazului Keys National Park, Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain’s Spring) Lake, Neamtului Citadel, Petru Voda Monastery, Agapia, Neamt, Bistrita and Varatec Monasteries, Piatra Teiului Rock, Piatra Neamt City considered to be the most beautiful from the Romania, DragoS Voda Nature Reserve of bison, Ion Creanga Memorial House in Humulesti (one of the most important Romanian writers), Petrodava  Citadel and many others. Visit Neamt County!

Bicazului Keys National Park, Neamt CountyBicazului Keys National Park, Neamt County

stema piatra neamt Piatra Neamt City

In Neamt County you can find one of the largest lakes in Romania
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In Neamt County you can find one of the largest lakes in Romania
Neamt County is rich in tourist objectives from national parks to citadels and monasteries like Agapia or Neamt. Tourists can choose what they want to see
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In Neamt County you can find one of the largest lakes in Romania
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