Muntenia Region has hundreds of natural wonders

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Muntenia Region from Romania is situated in the south part of the country and its neighbor regions are: Transylvania and Moldova in north, Dobrogea in east and Oltenia in west. In the south part is Bulgaria.


46.905 km²


4.069.500 people + Bucharest

The biggest cities:

Bucharest, Pitești, Brăila, Buzău, Călărași, Târgoviște, Giurgiu, Slobozia, Ploiești, Alexandria.



The component counties:

stema arges Arges County

stema braila Braila County

stema buzau Buzau County

stema calarasi Calarasi County

stema dambovita Dambovita County

stema giurgiu Giurgiu County

stema ialomita Ialomita County

stema ilfov Ilfov County

stema prahova Prahova County

stema teleorman Teleorman County

Muntenia Region


History of Muntenia region:

Muntenia region is part of Romanian Country‘s historical region. First inhabitants of  Muntenia were the Getaes and Dacians who populated this territory since antiquity. For dozens of years, this was the place of many wars between Dacians ruled by Burebista and Romans ruled by Traian. Nomad people also passed on these lands and left their tracks over the place and later after some victories over Tatars, the old rulers of Muntenia founded the Romanian Country.

Relief of Muntenia:

Due to the surface where Muntenia is extended, its relief of a rare beauty is very complex. The largest part is composed by the Romanian Plain with its sub divisions, among the best known is Baragan Plain. These stretched areas represent a large part of Romania‘s agricultural land and pastures and Romania is known as a predominantly rural and agrarian country. Towards the central part, there is the stretched Getic Plateau and to its north-eastern part, Getic and Curburii Sub Carpathians make the transition to the mountainous area where the peaks of Carpathian Mountains guard this region. The Eastern and Southern Carpathians are the youngest and highest mountains from Romania and here, on Muntenia‘s territory is the highest peak of the country, Moldoveanu peak of 2.544 m height. These mountains offer to Romania a high level of tourism, due to their beauty and natural richness.

Climate, rivers and lakes from Muntenia:

Muntenia‘s climate is temperate-continental like in whole Romania, but the temperature varies depending the season and altitude. Here the annual average of the temperature is 10-11° C, where summers are very hot and winters milder. Although, in the mountain area the temperatures are much lower and the snow is present for many months of the year. Regardless the season, Muntenia has always something beautiful to offer to any tourist who dear to come here, because the variety of tourist objectives and attractions is large. The rivers that cross Muntenia are: Arges, Dambovita, Siret, Buzau, Ialomita, Prahova, Olt, Teleorman and especially the Danube River which has a major impact over the region. Among the best known lakes are Vidraru, Pecineaga,  Iezer, Capra, Amara, Balta Alba, Bolboci, Pucioasa or Vedea.

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Tourism, tourist attractions and objectives, what to do and see in Muntenia region:

Touristically, there is a powerful contrast between the south part of Muntenia region, a little poor in objectives and the north part, situated at a higher elevation which regardless the weather or season, has always tourists. If you are in the area and you want to know more about Romania’s history, you should visit at least one of the former capitals from Curtea de Arges, Campulung or Targoviste. For the amateurs of hiking and adventure, for sure that the mountain area that is very rich in natural reservations and national parks will offer them a plus of adrenaline. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) Waterfalls, caves, deep valleys and gorges, spectacular roads like Transfagarasan, hiking trails with different degrees of difficulty, solitary rocks or interesting natural formations like Babele and the Sphinx, all will be always there awaiting you.

For those who love the winter sports we recommend in Muntenia a holiday on Prahova Valley and not only, where the snow is present for many months a year in the gorgeous winter resorts. Of course that because Romania is a religious country, Muntenia region does not lack of churches or monasteries, so different one to the other, but even so beautiful. Also, here you can find the most beautiful castles from Romania. Among the most important tourist attractions and objectives are: Curtea de Arges Monastery, Negoesti, Plataresti and Sfantu Gheorghe Churches, Sinaia, Comarnic and Caraiman Monasteries, Dambovicioara Cave, Argesului Keys, Braila Citadel, the muddy volcanoes from Berca, Iezer Natural Reservation, Ialomita Cave and Ialomita Waterfall, the cruise on Danube River, Peles and Pelisor Castles from Sinaia, Bucegi Mountains National Park, Fagaras Mountains National Park, Bucharest the capital with its attractions and many others. Visit Muntenia!

Ialomita Monastery and Cave in Southern Carpathians, Dambovita County, Muntenia RegionIalomita Monastery and Cave in Southern Carpathians,
Dambovita County, Muntenia Region

Muntenia Region has hundreds of natural wonders
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Muntenia Region has hundreds of natural wonders
Visit Muntenia Region with Curtea de Argeș, Câmpulung or Târgoviște well known as old and beautiful capitals, but above is Bucharest with hundreds of sights
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Muntenia Region has hundreds of natural wonders
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