Make a journey in Galati County and walk on Danube promenade

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Galati County

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Galati County is situated in Moldova region from Romania, in the south-east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Vaslui in north, Vrancea in west, Braila in south, Tulcea in south-east and in east is the Republic of Moldova.


4.466 km²


506.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Galati City 230.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0236 or 0336


Galaţi, Tecuci


Bereşti, Târgu Bujor

Main roads:

E87(DN2b, DN21) Galaţi-Brăila-Slobozia

E581(DN24) Bârlad-Tecuci-Tişiţa

DN25 Galaţi-Tecuci

DN26 Galaţi-Murgeni

Galati Map

Galati County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes of Galati County:

Galati County has a relief with low altitudes composed by meadows (the Danube Meadow, the Inferior Siret Meadow and Prutului de Jos (Lower) Meadow) and plains (Tecuci Plain, Covului Plain) and to the north part is a hilly area with the south part of Moldova’s Plateau. The highest altitudes are 300-400 meters height. Galati‘s climate  is temperate-continental of plain with very high temperatures during summer (very hot summers) over 30-35º C and very low temperatures during winter (frosty winters) under 0º C. The Danube River is the most important river, followed by Prut, Siret and Bârlad Rivers, each with its basin and tributaries. The largest lakes are Brateș, Lieşti, Lupele and Mălina.

Flora and fauna, tourist attractions and objectives from Galati County:

Predominates the meadow and the prairie flora with reed, rush, cane and willow, oak and poplar forests. These low areas are good for the extremely various fishing fauna and also for the rodents and water loving birds. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist attractions and objectives from Galati County are the Danube River, the Zoological Garden, the museums and the promenade from Galati, because this city is one of the most beautiful cities from Romania, Baneasa Forest, Garboava Forest, Paiului Forest, Buciumeni and Vladimiresti Monasteries and many others. Visit Galati County!

Danube River and Galati City, Galati CountyDanube River and Galati City, Galati County

stema galati municipiu Galati City

Make a journey in Galati County and walk on Danube promenade
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Make a journey in Galati County and walk on Danube promenade
Galati County is situated in the east part of Romania. Tourist attractions and objectives are waiting close to Danube River and fishing is the main activity
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Make a journey in Galati County and walk on Danube promenade
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