Dolj County is in the heart of the historic region Oltenia

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Dolj County

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Dolj County is situated in Oltenia region from Romania, in the south part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Mehedinţi in west, Gorj and Vâlcea in north, Olt in east and in south is Bulgaria.


7.414 km²


617.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Craiova City 242.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0251 or 0351


Craiova, Băileşti, Calafat


Bechet, Dăbuleni, Filiaşi, Segarcea

Main roads:

E79(DN66) Târgu Jiu-Filiaşi-Craiova-Calafat

E70(DN6) Drobeta Turnu Severin-Strehaia-Filiaşi-Craiova-Caracal-Alexandria

E574(DN65) Craiova-Balş-Slatina-Piteşti

DN65 Craiova-Bechet

DN55a Calafat-Bechet-Dăbuleni-Corabia

DN65c Craiova-Giuleşti-Horezu

Dolj Map

Dolj County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes of Dolj County:

Dolj County has a relief with low altitudes which gradually increase from the south part at the Danube Meadow till the north part in the plain (Romanian Plain, Oltenia’s Plain) and hill areas where the maximum elevation reaches 300-400 meters height. Dolj County‘s climate is temperate with Mediterranean influences. Because is closer to the warm area of the Mediterranean Sea, the annual average of the temperature is higher around 12º C, with very hot summers and mild winters. The most important rivers are the Danube River which forms the border of Romania with Bulgaria and the Jiu River with its tributaries and the main and biggest lakes are Fântâna Banului, Bistreţ, Maglavit, Golenţi and Ciuperceni Lakes.

Flora and fauna, tourist attractions and objectives of Dolj County:

The flora is specific to the plain area with wide deciduous forests especially oak, poplar and locust and the fish and prairie fauna is the most numerous (storks, hares and other rodents, aigrettes, foxes, deer and many others). (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist attractions and objectives are Craiova City with its parks and museums as well as with the Zoo Garden, Ciuperceni Ornithological Reservation, Padurea cu bujori (Peonies Forest) from Plenita, Bucovat, Maglavit Monasteries and many others. Visit Dolj County!

Bucovat monastery dolj county

Bucovat Monastery from Dolj

stema craiova Craiova City

Dolj County is in the heart of the historic region Oltenia
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Dolj County is in the heart of the historic region Oltenia
Dolj County has a beautiful capital in Craiova City, many quiet monasteries and churches for pelegrins or splendid natural places to enjoy. Come and relax
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Dolj County is in the heart of the historic region Oltenia
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