Dambovita County offer you breathtaking mountain landscapes

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Dâmboviţa County is situated in Muntenia region from Romania, in the south part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Braşov in north, Argeş in west, Teleorman and Giurgiu in south, Ilfov in south-east and Prahova in east.


4.054 km²


500.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Targoviste City 73.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0245 or 0345


Târgovişte, Moreni


Fieni, Găeşti, Pucioasa, Răcari, Titu

Main roads:

DN61 Găeşti-Giurgiu

DN72 Ploieşti-Târgovişte-Găeşti

DN71 Sinaia-Fieni-Pucioasa-Târgovişte-Răcari-Tărtăşeşti

DN72a Câmpulung-Târgovişte

DN7 Piteşti-Găeşti-Titu-Bucharest

Bucegi Natural Park

Dambovita Map

Dambovita County


Relief in Dambovita County:

Dambovita County has a diverse relief composed by Leaota and Bucegi Mountains in its northern part where is also the highest point of the county, the Leaota peak of 2.133 m height, continues with its center part dominated by hills and plateaus (Getic Sub Carpathians) with 600-800 m altitude and with the southern part of the county covered by the Romanian Plain with its subdivisions: Targoviste Plain, Cricov Plain and Gavanu-Burdea Plain.

Climate, rivers and lakes from Dambovita County:

The climate in Dambovita is continental moderate with very hot summers and milder winters in the central-southern part, but in the mountains the temperatures are much lower. The annual average of the temperature varies from 11º C in the plain till 6-7º C in the mountainous area. The most important rivers are: Ialomiţa and Argeş with their tributaries and the main lakes are Bolboci and Pucioasa Lakes.

Flora and fauna, tourist attractions and objectives of Dambovita County:

Here predominate all types of forests ranging from oak, beech, holm, ash and poplar till fir, spruce and pine. The fauna is also various with Carpathian brown bears, wolves, lynxes, harts, deer, grouses, golden eagles in the mountain area till wild boars, foxes, ferrets, partridges, quails, hares, dormouses in the hill and plain areas. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The main important tourist attractions and objectives from Dambovita County are Ialomita Cave and Ialomita waterfall, Bolboci Lake, Tatar Keys, Vifora Monastery, Targoviste Citadel, Zanoaga Keys, Bucegi Mountains National Park, Dealu (Hill) from Aninoasa Monastery, “Ion Luca Caragiale” Memorial House, one of the most important Romanian writers and many others. Visit Dambovita County!

View from the cable car over Bucegi Mountains, Dambovita County

View from the cable car over Bucegi Mountains, Dambovita County

stema targoviste Targoviste City

Dambovita County offer you breathtaking mountain landscapes
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Dambovita County offer you breathtaking mountain landscapes
Dambovita County has gorgeous caves like Ialomita, amazing nationals park like Bucegi Mountains National Park and others to complete your lifetime journey
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Dambovita County offer you breathtaking mountain landscapes
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