Covasna County has the only volcanic lake in Romania, Saint Ana

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Covasna County is situated in Transylvania region from Romania, in the central part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Harghita in north, Bacău in north-east, Vrancea and Buzău in east and Brașov in south-west.


3.710 km²


205.000 peoples


Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George) City  54.000 people


Roman-Catholic, Protestant



Calling code:

+4 0267 or 0367


Sfântu Gheorghe (Saint George), Târgu Secuiesc


Baraolt, Covasna, Întorsura Buzăului

Main roads:

E574(DN11) Braşov-Târgu Secuiesc-Oneşti-Bacău

E578(DN12) Chichiş-Miercurea Ciuc

DN10 Braşov-Întorsura Buzăului-Buzău,

DN13e Sfântu Gheorghe-Întorsura Buzăului

DN11b Târgu Secuiesc-Cozmeni

DN2d Târgu Secuiesc-Focşani

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Covasna County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Covasna County:

Covasna County has a mountainous relief composed by Baraolt, Harghita, Bodoc, Nemira, Vrancea, Bretcului, Buzaului and Intorsurii Mountains. Between these groups of mountains there are few lower areas like Baraolt, Saint George and Targu Secuiesc Depressions. The highest peak of the county is Lacaut peak with its 1.777 meters height. Covasna County‘s climate is moderate temperate with cooler summers because of the high elevation and frosty winters with very low temperatures. However there are periods when during summer, can be recorded temperatures between 30-35º C. The main rivers of the county are the Olt and the Black River with their basins and tributaries and the largest and most important lakes are Beseneu, Moacsa and Reci.

Fauna and flora, tourist attractions and objectives from Covasna County:

Covasna County‘s fauna and flora are diversified. Forests of spruce, fir and pine are covering the largest part of the territory but mixture of forests of oak, beech, holm or birch are present as well. Due to the rugged territory and the complexity of relief forms, fauna is diversified with numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist attractions and objectives are the resorts from Baile (Baths) Sugas, Balvanyos, Baile (Baths) Malnas or Ozunca-Bai (Baths) for relaxation, rest, mineral waters and treatments, Saint Ana Lake, the fortified church Zabala, Marcus Monastery, Paganilor, Cernat, Ilieni and Covasna Citadels and many others. Visit Covasna County!

Saint Ana volcanic lake unique in Romania, Covasna CountySaint Ana volcanic lake unique in Romania, Covasna County

stema sfantu gheorghe Sfantu Gheorghe City

Covasna County has the only volcanic lake in Romania, Saint Ana
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Covasna County has the only volcanic lake in Romania, Saint Ana
Covasna County is a mountainous county rich in hiking trails, crystal lakes, quiet mountain resorts and small villages with beautiful rural views. Enjoy it
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Covasna County has the only volcanic lake in Romania, Saint Ana
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