Constanta County offers to its tourists a lot to choose from

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Constanta County is situated in Dobrogea region from Romania, in the south-east part of the country and its neighbors are: Tulcea and Ialomita in north and Calarasi in west. In east is the Black Sea and in south is Bulgaria.


7.071 km²


630.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Constanta City 387.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0241 or 0341


Constanţa, Mangalia, Medgidia


Băneasa, Cernavodă, Eforie, Hârşova, Murfatlar, Năvodari, Negru Vodă, Ovidiu, Techirghiol

Main roads:

E87(DN22,DN39) Tulcea-Ovidiu-Constanţa-Eforie Sud-Mangalia-Bulgaria

E60(DN2,DN2a) Bucureşti-Slobozia-Hârşova-Ovidiu-Constanţa

E685(DN38) Constanţa-Negru Vodă-Bulgaria

A2 Bucureşti-Cernavodă-Constanţa

DN3 Bucureşti-Călăraşi-Băneasa-Constanţa

DN22c Cernavodă-Constanţa

DN22a  Hârşova-Tulcea

DN3b Cernavodă-Călăraşi

The Old Casino, Constanta City

Constanta for children

Constanta county Map

Constanta County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes of Constanta County:

Constanta County has an old plain and plateau relief with low altitudes, the highest one not passing 300 meters height. Towards the Black Sea is the seaside with an elevation between 0 and 100 meters. The main relief units are Casimcei Plateau and the southern Dobrogea Plateau heavily eroded in time. Constanta County‘s climate is continental moderate with high fluctuations of temperatures between summer and winter. Summers are very hot with temperatures over 30º C and winters are often cold with frequent temperatures below 0° C. The annual average of the temperature is higher than the rest of the country somewhere at 11-12º C. The rainfall is low with an average of 500 mm per year.  In addition to the Black Sea, the main river in the county is Casimcea. The Danube River and Danube-Black Sea Channel are particularly important for the country and for Constanta County. The largest lakes are Techirghiol, Tasaul, Mangalia, Babadag, Siutghiol, Sinoe and many others and is known that Dobrogea is full of lakes.

Flora, fauna and tourist attractions and objectives of Constanta County:

Flora and fauna are quite poor in species. Dobrogean prairies are present here, the  reed and the water plants and a few forests of oak, willow and poplar. The fauna is mainly specific to the areas of sea and river and  the fish fauna is abundant with fishing representing an important industry in the area. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The main tourist attractions and objectives are the Black Sea with its seaside resorts for relaxation and entertainment (Mamaia, Eforie Sud, Neptun, Venus, Costinesti, Olimp, Jupiter, Saturn and others), the rest and treatment resorts from Techirghiol, Eforie Nord and Mangalia, Constanta City with its museums, Dolphinarium, Aquarium and the other attractions, the Speological Reservation Gura Dobrogei, the Floristic Reservation Valul lui Traian (Traian’s Wave), the Citadels of Histria, Tomis and Callatis, Dervent Monastery, the monument from Adamclisi and many others. Visit Constanta County!

dolphinarium constanta county

The Dolphins show can be seen in Constanta City every year

stema constanta municipiu Constanta City

Constanta County offers to its tourists a lot to choose from
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Constanta County offers to its tourists a lot to choose from
Constanta County is a tourist heaven for sea lovers. Tens of sea resorts, beautiful beaches, a warm weather and lots of fun is the secret for each summer
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Constanta County offers to its tourists a lot to choose from
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