Caras Severin County hides beautiful Nerei Keys National Park

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Caras Severin County

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Caraş Severin County is situated in Banat region from Romania, in the south-west part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Timiş in west and north-west, Hunedoara in north-east, Gorj and Mehedinţi in east and in south is Serbia.


8.514 km²


274.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Resita City 64.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0255 or 0355


Reşiţa, Caransebeş


Anina, Băile Herculane, Bocşa, Moldova Nouă, Oraviţa, Oţelu Roşu

Main roads:

E70(DN6) Timişoara-Lugoj-Caransebeş-Orşova

DN68 Haţeg-Oţelu Roşu-Caransebeş

DN58 Caransebeş-Reşiţa-Anina

DN58b Reşiţa-Voiteg

DN57 Oraviţa-Moraviţa

DN58a Lugoj-Reşiţa

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Caras Severin County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes in Caras Severin County:

Caras Severin County has a predominantly mountainous relief with a small part from Banat Plain in West. Poiana Rusca,  Locvei, Almajului, Cernei, Godeanu, Tarcului, Dognecei, Aninei and Semenic Mountains are the groups of mountains which cover the county and the maximum height is in Godeanu peak of 2.229 m height. The climate in Caras Severin County is continental-moderate with Sub Mediterranean influences. Both temperature and rainfall vary greatly depending on elevation and the annual average of the temperature is 7-8° C and the rainfall between 700 and 1.400 mm per year. Summers are cool and winters cold especially in the higher areas where are huge amounts of snow during winter. The most important rivers are the Danube River that enters the country near Baziaş City and Cerna, Nera, Timiş and Caraş Rivers. The biggest and the most important lakes are Poiana Mărului, Scorilo and Poiana Ruscă Lakes.

Fauna, flora and tourist attractions and objectives of Caras Severin County:

Forests of beech, oak, holm, maple, elm, ash and also spruce, fir and pine are spread all over on county’s territory. The fauna is specific to the mountain area with wolves, lynxes, foxes, wild boars and brown bears among the main animals from here. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The most important tourist attractions are the Museum of locomotives from Resita, Nerei Keys Beusnita National Park, Caras Keys-Semenic National Park, Portile de Fier (Iron Gates) National Park, Danube Gorge, the treatment and relaxation resorts from Băile (Baths) Herculane, Semenic, Trei Ape (Three Waters) and Crivaia, Mehadia, Carasova and Cuiesti Citadels (the first two are ruins), Cerna Valley, Comarnic and Popovat Caves and many others. Visit Caras Severin County!

Nerei Keys Beunsita National Park, Caras Severin CountyNerei Keys Beunsita National Park, Caras Severin County

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Caras Severin County hides beautiful Nerei Keys National Park
Article Name
Caras Severin County hides beautiful Nerei Keys National Park
Make a journey in Caras Severin County and see Nerei Keys Beusnita National Park, Danube Gorge and Mehadia Citadel, few places from this wonderful county
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Caras Severin County hides beautiful Nerei Keys National Park
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