Buzau County has some of the most wonderful places in Romania

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Buzau County is situated in Muntenia region from Romania, in the south-east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Brasov and Covasna in north-west, Vrancea in north, Braila in east, Ialomita in south and Prahova in west.


6.103 km²


431.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Buzau City 108.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0238 or 0338


Buzău, Râmnicu Sărat


Nehoiu, Pătârlagele, Pogoanele

Main roads:

E577(DN1b) Buzău – Ploieşti, E85(DN2) Urziceni – Buzău – Râmnicu Sărat – Focşani, DN10 Braşov – Întorsura Buzăului – Nehoiu – Buzău, DN2c Costeşti – Pogoanele – Slobozia, DN22 Râmnicu Sărat – Brăila, DN2b Buzău – Făurei – Brăila.

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Buzau County


Relief and climate of Buzau County:

Buzau County has a complex relief composed from mountains in the north-west part (Buzau Mountains and Vrancea Mountains) with the maximum elevation in Penteleu peak of 1.774 m height and continues in the central part with the Sub Carpathians and Buzaului Hills which have 600-800 m altitudes which make the transition to the Romanian Plain (Baragan Plain, Buzau-Calmatui Plain, Ramnicului Plain) situated in the central and south-east parts of the county. Buzau County‘s climate is temperate-continental as in most areas of Romania and has different temperatures depending on the relief forms. In the mountains and Sub Carpathians areas the annual average of the temperature does not exceed 7-8° C, while on the plain area is around 10-11° C. The annual average of the rainfall is between 600 and 800 mm per year.

Rivers, lakes and tourist objectives and attractions from Buzau County:

The most important river is Buzau River with its tributaries and the largest and most important lakes are Siriu, Smileasa, Amara, Candesti, Vulturilor (Eagles) Lakes and many other important rivers and lakes. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The deciduous forests mixed with the conifer ones predominate in Buzau County and the fauna is diverse. The most important tourist objectives and attractions are the treatment and relaxation resorts from Sarata Monteoru and Amara, the living fire from Terca, the salt mountain from Grunj, the muddy volcanoes from Berca, Ratesti and Ciolanu Monasteries, Amara, Balta Alba (the White Puddle) and Siriu Lakes, Siriu and Viforita Reservations, Buzau City with its museums and attractions and many others. Visit Buzau County!

Siriu Lake and Rezervation, Buzau CountySiriu Lake and Rezervation, Buzau County

stema buzau municipiu Buzau City

Buzau County has some of the most wonderful places in Romania
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Buzau County has some of the most wonderful places in Romania
Buzau County has some of the most splendid attractions, a complex relief that always attracts visitors and make them happy. Make your journey lifetime here
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Buzau County has some of the most wonderful places in Romania
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