Bucovina region has a religious air and splendid monasteries

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Bucovina region from Romania is situated in the north part of the country and its neighbor regions are: Maramureș in west, Transylvania in south-west and Moldova in south-east and east. In north is the border with Ukraine, where Bucovina extends its territory and not only on Suceava County’s territory.


8.553 km² (on Romania’s territory). Total 10.442 km²


610.000 people (on Romania’s territory).

The biggest cities:

Suceava, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Fălticeni, Rădăuţi, Vatra Dornei.



Component counties:

stema suceava Suceava County

manastirile pictate din bucovina sucevita

The painted monasteries from Bucovina

Bucovina Region


History, name, tourism and relief from Bucovina:

Bucovina region has a special history. The name Bucovina, which actually comes from the word Buk meaning beech and Bucovina meaning “Beech Country”, first appears towards the end of the 18th century, when the Habsburg Empire conquers this area becoming the Duchy of Bucovina which later is united with Romania. Even if the history of this place is not very long, the tourist fascination of the area is much longer and more interesting. As about tourism, Bucovina is by far one of the most attractive places from Romania and also from Europe because it’s known for its rare beauty landscapes, but especially for the religious tourism which here is very strong due to the unique in the world monasteries painted on their facade with different religious scenes, a thing never seen in the world before.

The nature created in Bucovina breathtaking landscapes, the relief being spectacular. The largest part of the territory is covered by the north part of the Eastern Carpathians represented by Suhard, Calimani, Bistritei, Stansoarei, Rarau, Obcinele Bucovinei, Obcina Feredeu, Obcina Mestecanis and Obcina Mare Mountains. At their base lies the beautiful Moldavian Plateau with lower heights, but it offers to the tourists the same beauty and is crossed by deep valleys and meadows.

bucovina map

Climate, rivers and lakes from Bucovina:

Bucovina‘s climate is much cooler than the average temperature of Romania and this is due to its position with influences coming from Siberia having cold winds and low temperatures, but also because of the high elevation. Here, the summers are hot, sometimes cool and is the best season for visits and the winters are longer and harsher with temperatures often under 0° C. The rainfall varies as well with the maximum around 1.200-1.300 mm per year. The main rivers which cross the region are Siret, Moldova, Suceava and Bistrita Rivers and the main lakes are Horodniceni, Dragomirna and Falticeni.

Tourist attractions and objectives from Bucovina:

Besides the wonderful nature, it’s much appreciated the effort of Moldavia’s rulers, who built in the most hidden and most picturesque places, churches and monasteries unique in the world for their architecture, but especially for the outdoor coloring. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) So, the main tourist attractions and objectives from Bucovina are these places of worship (Putna, Sucevita (Green), Moldovita (Yellow), Arbore (mix of colors), Gura Humorului (Red), Dragomirna, Voronet (Blue) or Slatioara), the area’s landscapes, the mountains full of hiking trails, Calimani Mountains National Park, Piatra Pinului, The Twelve Apostles and Pietrele Doamnei Reserves, Suceava Citadel, Suceava City with its own attractions and extra for the foreign tourists might be the local traditions and customs (the painting and decoration of the eggs, a real art here, the glass painting, the pottery and the confection of masks and furs and many others) and the area’s folk costume. Visit Bucovina region!

Splendid scenery meet you everywhere in Bucovina's Obcines, Bucovina RegionSplendid scenery meet you everywhere in Bucovina’s Obcines

Bucovina region has a religious air and splendid monasteries
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Bucovina region has a religious air and splendid monasteries
Bucovina Region from the north part of Romania has many unique monasteries, beautiful citadels and castles and gorgeous landscapes from Eastern Carpathians
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Bucovina region has a religious air and splendid monasteries
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