Botosani County has some of the most representative artists

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Botosani County

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The county of Botosani  is situated in Moldova region from Romania, in the north-east part of the country and has as neighbors the next counties: Suceava in west and Iaşi in south. In north lies Ukraine, and Moldova Republic in east.


4.986 km²


399.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Botosani City 101.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0231 or 0331


Botoşani, Dorohoi


Bucecea, Dărăbani, Flămânzi, Săveni, Ştefăneşti

Main roads:

E58(DN29) Suceava-Botoşani-Flămânzi-Târgu Frumos

DN29b Botoşani-Dorohoi

DN29 Botoşani-Manoleasa

DN29a Suceava-Dorohoi-Moldova Republic

DN29d Botoşani-Ştefăneşti

DN24c Ştefăneşti-Iaşi

Botosani Map

Botosani County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Botosani County:

Botosani County has a predominantly downy relief covered by the northern part of the Moldavian Plateau between Siret River in west and Prut River in east. The most important relief areas are Siret Hills, Jijia Plain and Prut Plain, all low in elevation. The highest altitudes barely exceed a few hundred meters. The climate in Botosani is temperate-continental with cooler summers and harsher and longer winters due to the influences of cold air masses coming from Siberia. The annual average of the temperature is around 8° C and the rainfall is high. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) The major rivers with their basins are Siret and Prut, and the largest lakes are Stanca-Costesti Lake on the Prut River and Dracsani, Negreni, Hanesti, Mileanca and Havarna Lakes.

Flora and fauna, tourist objectives and attractions from Botosani County:

The deciduous forests are predominant (beech, holm, oak, poplar, elm), and the fauna is specific to the plain and hill areas. The most important tourist objectives and attractions from Botosani County are the Tisa tree Reservation from Tudora, Vorona Monastery, Mihai Eminescu Memorial House (the greatest Romanian poet), George Enescu Memorial House (the greatest Romanian composer), the Ethnography Museum and the Old Center of Botosani City, the other museums and many others. Visit Botosani County!

etnography museum botosani county

Ethnography Museum from Botosani County

stema orasul botosani Botosani City

Botosani County has some of the most representative artists
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Botosani County has some of the most representative artists
Botosani County is visited for the traditional activities and costumes and for the places where some of the most important Romanian artists were born
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Botosani County has some of the most representative artists
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