Bihor County is one of the most beautiful counties in Romania

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Bihor County is situated in Crisana region from Romania in the north-west part of the country at the border with Hungary and is basically the Occident gateway of the country. The counties it neighbors are: Satu Mare in north, Salaj and Cluj in east, Alba in south-east, Arad in south and in west is Hungary.


7.544 km²


590.000 people

Capital (Residence):

Oradea City 206.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0259 or 0359


Oradea, Beiuş, Marghita, Salonta


Aleşd, Nucet, Săcuieni, Ştei, Valea lui Mihai, Vaşcău

Main roads:

E60(DN1) Ungaria-Oradea-Aleşd-Cluj Napoca

E671(DN19-DN69) Satu Mare-Valea lui Mihai-Oradea-Salonta-Arad

E79(DN76) Oradea-Beiuş-Deva

DN75 Ştei-Câmpeni

DN1h Aleşd-Zalău

DN19b Ungaria-Marghita-Zalău

bears cave

Bears Cave

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Bihor County


Relief, climate, rivers and lakes from Bihor County:

Bihor County has a very diverse relief of a great beauty. In west on its entire length is the Western Plain with its subdivisions Crisurilor and Barcau Plains. To the east of Oradea City are Oradea’s Hills which are part of the Western Hills and further towards Salaj, Cluj and Alba counties are the Western Carpathians with their subdivisions (Apuseni, Codru Moma, Padurea Craiului, Plopis and Bihor Mountains) which give the highest peak of the county and of the Western Carpathians at the border with Alba County in south-east (Bihor peak of 1.849 m height). The climate in Bihor County is temperate continental with warm summers and mild winters in the west part, while in mountains winters are cold with a high rainfall and summers are cool. The temperatures increase from east to west where summer temperatures are often over 30° C. The main rivers of Bihor County are Crisul Repede (Fast) River, Crisul Negru (Black) River and Barcau River all with their tributaries and the main lakes are Petea, Lesu, Cefa and Madaras.

Flora and fauna from Bihor County:

As in many other counties of Romania where the relief is complex, the flora is diverse with both deciduous and conifer forests. On the main rivers valleys dominates the vegetation of meadow. The fauna is various, composed by rodents, otters, wild boars and deer in the lower areas and even brown bears in the higher areas but these are very rare and difficult to see. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com)

Tourist attractions and objectives from Bihor County:

Among the main tourist objectives and attractions of Bihor County are the multitude of caves and karst formations (a few thousand) and the most important are Bears Cave, Piatra Altarului Cave, Wind Cave, Meziad Cave, the cave with crystals from Farcu, Magura Cave, Coliboaia Cave, Focul Viu (Alive Fire) Glacier Cave, the relaxation, fun and treatment resorts from Baile (Baths) Felix, Baile (Baths) 1 Mai or Baile (Baths) Tinca, Oradea City with its tourist objectives and attractions considered one of the most beautiful cities from Romania, Boga or Stana de Vale mountain resorts, but probably the most beautiful is Padis Plateau of a rare beauty and wildlife from Apuseni Mountains that lies in the heart of  Apuseni National Park. Visit Bihor County!

Focul Viu(Alive Fire) Cave from Apuseni Mountains National Park, Bihor County

Focul Viu (Alive Fire) Cave from
Apuseni Mountains National Park, Bihor County

stema oradea Oradea City

Bihor County is one of the most beautiful counties in Romania
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Bihor County is one of the most beautiful counties in Romania
Bihor County, one of the most visited places in Romania has thousands of caves and hiking trails, gorgeous mountain panoramas, nice cities and quiet resorts
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Bihor County is one of the most beautiful counties in Romania
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