Bacau County is popular for the curative springs and salt mines

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Bacau County

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Bacau County is situated in Moldova region from Romania, in the east part of the country and its neighbors are the following counties: Neamt in north, Harghita and Covasna in west, Vrancea in south and Vaslui in east.


6.621 km²


583.600 people

Capital (Residence):

Bacau City 133.500 people





Calling code:

+4 0234 or 0334


Bacău, Moineşti, Oneşti


Buhuşi, Comăneşti, Dărmăneşti, Slănic Moldova, Târgu Ocna

Main roads:

E85(DN2) Roman-Bacău-Adjud

E574(DN11) Târgu Secuiesc-Oneşti-Bacău

DN15 Piatra Neamţ-Bacău

DN2f Vaslui-Bacău

DN11a Oneşti-Adjud

DN12a Miercurea Ciuc-Comăneşti-Oneşti

DN2g Comăneşti-Moineşti-Bacău

Bacau county Map

Bacau County


Relief, climate and rivers of Bacau County:

Bacau County has a complex relief that starts with the Eastern Carpathians (Tarcau, Ciuc and Nemira Mountains) in west and continues in the central area with Moldova’s Sub Carpathians, and in east with the Siret Valley which barely exceeds 100 m altitude and also a part of the Moldavian Plateau. The highest peak of the county is located in Tarcau Mountains and is Grindusul-Tarbaus peak with its 1.662 m height. The climate in Bacau County varies according with the elevation and weather. It is cooler in the west part due to the presence of the mountains and during the winter registers a significant amount of rainfall. In the rest the climate is milder with the annual average of the temperature between 9-11° C and a lower rainfall. Summers can be very hot and winters cold. The most important rivers of Bacau are Siret, Bistrita and Trotus Rivers each with its tributaries.

Flora and fauna, tourist attractions and objectives from Bacau County:

Flora is represented by forests of spruce, pine and fir in the mountain area, mixed forests in Sub Carpathians and beech, elm, holm and oak forests. Fauna is specific for the plains and mountain areas. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) Among the most important tourist attractions and objectives from Bacau County are Slanic Moldova resort with its curative springs, the splendid mountain landscapes, the variety of museums and memorial houses from Bacau City and from the other cities, Nemira Reservation from Nemira Mountains, Casin Monastery, the salt mine resort from Targu Ocna and many others. Visit Bacau County!fb_button]

The Salt Mine from Targu Ocna, Bacau CountyThe Salt Mine from Targu Ocna, Bacau County

stema bacau (municipiu) Bacau City

Bacau County is popular for the curative springs and salt mines
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Bacau County is popular for the curative springs and salt mines
Bacau County is very popular among tourists for its beautiful mountain views, the variety of memorial houses and mostly for the treatment and rest resorts
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Bacau County is popular for the curative springs and salt mines
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