Arad County has old citadels and monasteries for you to visit

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Arad County is situated in the western part of Romania, in Crisana region at the border with Hungary. Its neighbors are Hungary in west, Bihor County in north, Timiş County in south, Hunedoara County in south-east and Alba County in east.


7.754 km²


409.200 people

Capital (Residence):

Arad City 148.000 people





Calling code:

+4 0257 or 0357




Curtici, Chişineu Criş, Ineu, Lipova, Nădlac, Pâncota, Pecica, Sântana, Sebiş

Main roads:

E671(DN69) Oradea-Timişoara

E68(DN7) Nădlac-Arad-Lipova-Deva

DN79A Ungaria-Chişineu Criş-Vârfuri

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Arad County


Relief and climate of Arad County:

Arad County has a relief mostly composed by plain with the Western Plain subdivisions (Arad, Vingai and Crisurilor Plains), but in the east side are the Apuseni Mountains (Zarand and Codru Moma Mountains). To the north, a small part of Bihor Mountains gives the highest peak of Arad County, Gaina (Hen) peak of 1.486 m height. The climate is temperate-continental with Mediterranean influences in south. Summers are hot with temperatures often exceeding 30° C and winters are milder with frequent values of temperature over 0° C.  The rainfall increases from west to east together with the elevation. The main rivers with their hydrographical basins are Mures, Crisul Alb (White) and Crisul Negru (Black) Rivers and the biggest lakes are Ineu, Seleus, Rovina and Tauti.

Flora, fauna, tourist attractions and objectives of Arad County:

Deciduous forests predominate in Arad, but in the mountains they mix with the conifer ones. The fauna specific to the plain area is the most frequently met. (Find more journeys on blog.worldlifetimejourneys.com) Among the most important tourist attractions are Mures Meadow Natural Park, Siria and Soimos citadels, a number of castles, Hodos and Bezdin monasteries, but the most important tourist objectives are the ethnographic ones, with different places where the traditions, customs and traditional folk are still the same for hundreds of years. Visit Arad County!

Ruins of Soimos Citadel, Arad CountyRuins of Soimos Citadel, Arad County

stema orasul Arad Arad City

Arad County has old citadels and monasteries for you to visit
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Arad County has old citadels and monasteries for you to visit
Arad County, has few important tourist attractions but you can visit its old citadels and some monasteries. Tourists can also relax in the mountain resorts
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Arad County has old citadels and monasteries for you to visit
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